Deepsa Technologies offers businesses a best-of-both-worlds CRM, HCM, ERP and mobile app solutions: built-in best practices, proven business process workflows, and enterprise integrations that make it easy to get up and running fast, plus configuration options designed for cutting-edge customization.

ISO Certified

Our Approach:

  • Management Consulting Services – Identify, qualify and champion the opportunities for your business.
  • Systems Integration Consulting Services – Deliver on those opportunities through a comprehensive implementation approach covering all aspects of people, process and technology with best in class capabilities.
  • Training – Ensure acceptance of new process improvements and adoption of the enabling technologies.
  • Support Services – Maintain the value created through a breadth of flexible capabilities from managed services to application support to hosting.


Every client relationship and project is unique but there is a common thread running through all of them: everyone is trying to get to a better place and faces obstacles along the way. Our role in working with clients is to act as a knowledgeable and experienced guide in leading you to success. We do it every day by drawing on our field proven implementation experience, strong project methodology, deep Microsoft technology expertise and a cultural focus to serve our customers at the highest level possible.


Our field proven implementation approach is based on years of helping clients transform their organizations with enhanced processes and enterprise software optimization. With every client relationship and project our focus is on your business goals. We collaborate to define improved processes, build and deploy capabilities to optimize those processes, measure results and move forward with continuous improvements.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies successfully transform.


Larger organizations have company information in multiple systems. As an organization grows, their sources of company information grow too. With multiple sources, it is difficult to arrive at “one version of the truth” regarding how an enterprise is doing in a particular area. Successful system deployments require understanding the multiple sources of data and putting a plan in place to merge and manage the data across numerous applications and systems.


We transform businesses by migrating them to the Microsoft Cloud. The Microsoft Cloud brings a new approach to business innovation and we’re committed to helping you take advantage of it. We’ve created complete, ready-to-use vertical solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Formerly Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM) and Microsoft Business Intelligence.


On all customer projects Deepsa technologies is committed to providing thorough, quality training to ensure acceptance of new process improvements and adoption of the enabling technologies.


You need your systems to evolve and grow with your business. So we aim to make our team a dependable part of your team, long-term. That means help whenever you need it, resolving issues in the quickest possible time frame and keeping you always up to date. It means full-scope customer support, troubleshooting, deployment, hosting and environment management. And it means a continual dialogue, on your terms, to decide which adjustments, enhancements and upgrades will benefit you.