Student Management


Student Management software for managing the entire “student life-cycle” right from application to graduation. Configure and manage the complete registration workflow for your university. Configure finance with multiple funding methods. Track students’ performance and manage examination processes.

Faculty Management


Faculty Management software solutions for faculty profiling, career portal, faculty scheduling, feedback management, and research information systems


 Student Admissions :Organize and simplify the entire admissions and enrollment process with Student Admissions software. Assign recruiters, manage online admissions and configure rules for managing admission applications.



Examination Management


Deepsa provides you with the ability to manage multiple types of exams. Configure your own exam qualification rules for various types of exams. Manage the invigilation of your exams with Invigilator Assignment.


Course Management


 Powerful, web-based Course Management software designed for end-to-end course life-cycle management. Manage both online courses and classroom courses with blended learning in Deepsa Define your programs and course offerings with the academic structure setup in Deepsa.


Learning Content Management System

End-to-end learning content management software helps to create, publish and share learning content in real time. Manage multiple assessment and quiz types with online assessment modules. The advanced learning content management engine in LMS enables collaborative content authoring in Deepsa

Bursary – Financial Management

Define course fees for all your courses in detail with LMS price book setup. Enable configurable scholarships and discount plans with Deepsa. Deepsa  Bursary Management provides multi-currency support. Multiple payment methods like check, credit card, cash and more are supported inDeepsa.

Virtual ClassRoom

Deepsa Virtual Classroom enables real-time collaboration and delivery of online lectures.
Screen sharing capabilities in Deepsa help the faculty to demonstrate and facilitate problem solving in a virtual setup. Students can raise questions and queries during the class with Chat and IM capabilities

Social Media

Deepsa provides complete integration with Twitter live feed for course-related discussions.
Unique collaborative Social provided by Deepsa LMS lets teachers and students create content in collaboration. Easily embed YouTube and other videos in your learning content with Deepsa LMS

Campus Management

Library Management lets you keep tab on overdue books for each student in Deepsa LMS. Facility Management lets you manage all campus facilities and resources from a single window in Deepsa LMS. Enjoy features like Facility Creation, Facility Allocation, Priority Booking and more.

Document Management

Deepsa LMS lets you create, capture, store, share, preserve, search, and tag documents for efficient and effective document management. Assign access permissions to share documents with other users. Search documents on the basis of tags, file names and document content using the full-text search feature.

Learning Portfolio Management

Develop and maintain your personalized learning portfolio in Deepsa LMS. Add “blocks” for inserting notes, videos, links, resumes and files. Drag and drop blocks to customize your layout for live video streaming from YouTube with Deepsa LMS.