Enterprise Resources Panning (ERP)


 Improve your business efficiency with our proven ERP Solutions. we helping clients from all over the world by being the most reliable ERP Solution Provider.

Easily manage and maintain all your periodic audit processes with Deepsa ERP software for SMEs.

Deepsa ERP Software

The most proven, comprehensive financial platform to run a changing and complex business.

Deepsa enables users to check, edit and select the applicable tax type for every purchase and sale transaction. Easily manage and maintain all your periodic audit processes with Deepsa ERP software for SMEs.

Record, view and analyze your financial reports and make tax decisions with accuracy and ease.

Accelerate core purchase processes

Accelerate all your core purchase processes with the best ERP software in India, Deepsa ERP–from quotations to goods receipts, invoicing, returns and payments–all within one seamless system.


Simplify Order to Cash process

DeepsaERP provides a platform to integrate your sales, finance and fulfillment teams—improve quote accuracy, eliminate billing errors, and strengthen revenue recognition processes.


Satisfy Your Customers

Delight your customers with a 360º understanding of customer activity which the best ERP solution. Deepsa ERP provides – sales, inventory, purchasing, finance, and manufacturing – all within a single business management system.



Manage Your Suppliers

Efficiently track your orders created, deliveries, subcontract orders and buyer workloads through management of approval processes; manage your suppliers from order to receipt with Deepsa ERP – #1 ERP software provider.

Optimize your product process cycle

Make Deepsa ERP your stock specialist to maintain an optimal product replenishment cycle through detailed information about your products with inventory valuations.


Breeze Through Your Accounts

Effortlessly manage your accounts through our interactive Chart of Accounts in Deepsa ERP. Customize account preferences as per your need. Let your smart accounting system record your journal entries for you.

 Item Master Management

Maintain a central repository of all inventory items across chain of stores. You can create a product catalog which maintains a storehouse for all products offered across stores, as well as stock consumption and service offering processes.

Optimize Your Inventory

Optimize inventory by anticipating demand and receiving order alerts in advance for inventory shortage and overstocks. Automate and dynamically manage all stock operations via Stock Management. It enables stakeholders to get the right product at the right place at the right time.

Manage End-of-Day Operations Checklist

Define end-of-day operations for your employees and monitor all business day’s activities. The end-of-day checklist gives detailed information related to sales, cycle count, incoming transfer and auto shipment.

Track Full Movement History

Get a full history of all inventory movements to track down any problems. Customizable and intuitive reports to monitor and manage the complete inventory cycle for your organization. You can see the integrated view of operations such as transaction activity and more.

Nail Your Financial Reporting

Boost profitability and make better decisions with a real-time view of finances. Say goodbye to the drudgery of spreadsheet reports and tedious, error-prone data entry by bringing in real-time information in your ERP software.

Stay Compliant

Stay up to date with your compliance obligations with Deepsa ERP, the best ERP software in India. Reconcile your accounts and look forward to a hassle-free online tax recording.

Sales and Billing Management

Eliminate bottlenecks and streamline your process from sales quotes to approved orders, successful orders to order fulfillment, and timely invoicing to payment.


Create Cash Sales

Create cash sales receipts in multiple currencies to give to your customers as a payment record. Also compatible with POS printers and barcodes.


Create Sales Order

Easily create sales orders for your customer, including payment terms and complete sales information, as in customer quotation and purchase orders.


Create Invoice

Generate automated sales invoices including calculating sales tax, finance charges and discounts based on payment terms-either on a one-time or on a recurring basis.


Create Credit Note

Generate a “Credit Note” for customers to use against sales invoices, if you need to refund your customers on a credit basis in order to get a refund in purchases.


Sales and Billing Management incorporates the records of all products and services supplied to customers and maintains the history of all past transactions associated with them. To make things trouble free, Deepsa Technologies Sales & Billing Management organizes these by grouping various products in a single invoice for customers.

Sales & Billing Management/Financials comprehensively covers the entire Sales/Billing management cycle by allowing you to place a sales order, generate an invoice, and receive a payment. The linking of an invoice and a sales order gives you an insight into the sales process. It also provides a refund facility for customers on a credit basis through the ‘Credit Note’ function.
 can seamlessly handle ‘blanket sales’ orders for products that are purchased in installments and delivered over time.

Vendor Management

Make an informed purchase decision with an effectively managed and standardized vendor information base.


Add vendors to the system

Maintain comprehensive vendor details of opening balance, preferred delivery mode, as well as credit terms, with automatic migration of financial transactions.


Flexibility to modify vendor details

Enjoy the freedom to modify vendor details such as contact information, preferred delivery mode, credit terms, vendor category, UEM and payment criteria.


Multiple vendor list export formats

There is ease of use with your existing system by effortlessly exporting vendor lists in convenient file formats such as PDF, CSV, and others, in order to view, mail and print information.


With Deepsa Technology you can maintain comprehensive information about your vendors including payment terms, shipping address, contact information and more. It is easy to create new customers and establish their opening balances. Use graphical representations of your key vendors based on transaction amounts to ensure proper prioritization.

Product Management :-Optimize Your Product Process Cycle

To run your business seamlessly, a central knowledge repository of product history is required at any point of time to promote integration and data exchange among all business users who interact with products.


Add New Product

Configure new product details such as unit of measure, related sales and purchase accounts, initial quantity, product price, product license type and reusability.


Edit Product

Modify product details such as reorder quantity, lead time, and reorder level. You can also add a sub-product, or product item group/subgroup to an existing product.


Add New Price

Add/edit pricing details such as the purchase or sales price based on quantity to a particular product or to a general/vendor/customer price list of a particular product.


Inventory Report

Get a complete overview of product details, such as initial and current product stock conditions, current purchases, reorder quantities, reorder levels, lead times, and more.


With DeepsaProduct Management, you can manage complete product information; everything from description and initial price, to opening stock. It is also easy to configure a purchase and sales account for each product. Our twin pricing intelligence mechanisms enables the successful introduction of a new product portfolio and flexible pricing setup to handle multiple purchase and sales prices. Accordingly, different product prices can be assigned for different customer types such as wholesale customers, retail customers and more.

Accounting Software:-

  • Deepsa Accounting Management Software  will help you keep track of your purchases, orders, assets, etc.
  •  Deepsa Accounting & Billing Software will help you generate all the reports you require.
  •  Generate Transaction History, General Ledger, Profit & Loss, IAF, GST Reports easily with a single click.
  •  Store and retrieve transactions history. Reports can be pulled to get the data in exchangeable formats.
  •  Invoice Creation & Management
  •  Multi Currency Support
  •  Manage Purchase Orders, Delivery Orders, Credit Notes, , etc
  • Compliant Financial Reports
  •  Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Ledger Balance, Trial Balance Generation
  •  GST Form
  • Audit File Generation
  •  Assets & Depreciation Management
  •  Journal Entry Management

 Chart of Account, Chart of Taxes Management

Provide processes for consolidating data to ensure consistency and control in the ongoing maintenance

Maintain a central repository for all products across chain of stores with Deepsa ERP to ensure that all changes are updated in real time.


Manage Product Catalog

Item Master enables you to manage all your products across a chain of stores by allowing you to simply create, edit, activate, or deactivate them. Deepsa ERP eliminates unnecessary data entry by importing and exporting item details in CSV format. With DeepsaERP, you can maintain a comprehensive record of all inventory details such as item code, UOM, cycle count and much more.


Manage Recipe

Recipe provides functionality for adding, replacing, archiving and cloning of recipe core items. Recipe eliminates unnecessary data entry by exporting recipe core items. Recipe eliminates unnecessary data entry by exporting recipe details in CSV format. Recipes can be approved or rejected according to the sale of product or the choice of the management.


Maintain a central repository of all details related to stock, products and inventory items across the chain of stores with DeepsaERP integrates these details with the existing ordering system for simple viewing and ensures that all changes are updated in real time and no data is duplicated. With DeepsaERP, you can create a product catalog, which maintains a storehouse for all products offered across stores, as well as stock consumption and service offering processes


Purchase Management :-

Streamline your procure-to-pay process by automating key transactions and providing approval workflow to support internal compliance requirements.

Create Cash Purchases

Create a cash purchase receipt to give your vendors as a payment record. Schedule deliverable invoices for your customers automatically.

Create Purchase Orders

Easily create purchase orders for your vendors to include payment terms, quantity and other purchase information; available in multiple currencies.

Create Goods Receipts

Provide your vendors with a delivery receipt of purchased goods, while mapping – respective purchase orders, applied discount rates, and payment details.

Create Debit Note

Generate a “Debit Note” for your customer against a purchase invoice, and reduce your accounts payable in cases such as the return of damaged goods.

Make Payment

Record all payments made to your vendor/customer against a GL code in multiple currencies through multiple payment methods, including cash, check and debit/credit card.

Deepsa technologies  offers the best in its class environment for you to manage all your purchase processes, such as creating purchase orders, receiving goods, making payments, and allowing you to return defective goods with financial instruments. You can create, monitor, and maintain all key order information of your purchases, ensuring that each purchase order is legitimate and authorized. By linking your purchase order to inventory control, you can access exact stock quantities, movement history, seasonal trends, and supplier lead times

Inventory Management

  •  Manage your supply vendors, stocks, purchasers and the orders from a single platform, giving you more control and easy access to critical information.
  •  Generate Purchase Orders, Invoices, Receipts, Credit Notes, Goods Receive Note, and many more through Wholesale Inventory Management Software.
  •  Generate high quality reports which lets you analyze the status of the inventory efficiently and prevent any unneeded stocking.
  •  With barcode integration, our Wholesale Inventory Management Software offers the users quicker checkout and monitor stocks electronically more effectively & efficiently.
  •  The auto procurement feature allows the items to be fetched as they approach the exhaustion limits.
  •  Manage Invoices, Purchase Orders, Delivery Orders, Credit Notes, etc
  •  Multi Location & Warehouse
  •  Manage Request for Quotations & Call for Bid
  •  Inventory Stock Tracking
  •  Various Costing Types & Valuation Methods
  •  Inventory Forecast & Perpetual Inventory Valuation Reports
  •  Packing Management
  •  Double Entry Inventory to allow full traceability from the supplier
  •  Shipping Tracking, Goods Receive & Return Note Management
  •  Barcode Generation & Integration

Automate and manage all stock operations via Stock Management

Maintains a central repository of all details related to stock, products and items across chain of stores. Understand the stock mix of a company and the different demands on that stock.


Inventory Optimization

DeepsaERP enables you to control stock levels and movement of stock across all stores of your organization. It also provides seamless reconciliation of business operations to maintain consistency throughout your organization. Goods Order provides an interface to capture orders from the client’s existing centralized ordering system and view expected vs. actual receipt details, as well as update the inventory levels.


Store Management

Automate and dynamically manage all stock operations such as inter-store stock transfer, stock issue, stock adjustment and auto shipment for complete information about the stock status and movement. It helps you manage stock allocations to multiple stores across locations with the centralized purchasing system.


Track Inventory Movement

Inter-Store Stock Transfer Entry facilitates stock transfers in all the stores of your organization. It maintains stock transfer and stock issue forms, with fields capturing detailed information from each store and updating the system post transfer. Personnel in charge get a single view of all the stores to plan for stock transfers.


Deepsa ERP enables stakeholders to get the right product at the right place at the right time. It maintains a central repository of all details related to stock, products and items across the chain of stores. DeepsaERP allows users to manage all stock operations, from orders and receipts to inter-store stock transfer, daily audits and more. A single view of all stores inventory helps the user to plan for stock movement across various stores.





  • manage your manufacturing orders, work orders, work centers, raw materials, finished goods, etc.
  •  Track your resources used and plan ahead for your work orders easily.
  •  Generate high quality reports which lets you analyze the status of the manufacturing efficiently and prevent any unneeded stocking.
  •  With barcode integration, our Manufacturing System offers the quicker processing and monitor stocks electronically more effectively & efficiently.
  •  The auto procurement feature allows the raw materials to be fetched as they approach the exhaustion limits.
  • Manage Manufacturing Order & Work Order
  •  Multiple Work Centres
  •  Advanced Material Routing
  •  Products & Bill of Materials
  •  Order Planning
  •  Sales Integration with Manufacturing
  •  Materials & Finished Goods Stock Tracking
  •  Weighing Scale, Barcode & RFID Integration
  •  Gantt Chart Generation
  •  Costing Analysis