Human Capital Management (HCM)



Organization tree

  • Auto-populate your organization structure and view your respective departments in a multi-level format. Also, define approvals and application security on them.

Job Grade

  • Define different Job Grades in the organization based on various parameters including its effect on the CTC.

Roles, Responsibility & Description

  • User definable template to generate multiple roles and define expected responsibilities and job descriptions towards them.


  • On specific conditions or situations, the HCM can be configured to automatically invoke the next stage / process. Workflow arms the HCM with decision making abilities empowering the system to take action based on time or events.


  • Multi-level approval process can be defined with rules on hierarchies, companies, locations and many other situations and circumstances wherein maker-checker rules are applicable. The system can be triggered to automatically approve, reject and reverse transactions based on values or conditions. Define time-based escalation procedures for unauthorized events.

Fields & Layouts

  • Fields can be added on-the-fly with the agile field definition tools. These fields can be created with a plethora of rules, formats, features and capabilities. These fields can then be laid out on Page Layouts for various modules and users, which can be invoked based on roles and profiles.

Reports and BI

  • Build, monitor and analyze multi-dimensional reports with smart analytical capabilities including color-coding, KPI definitions and graphing-engines on-the-fly. These graphs can be assimilated onto user-specific dashboards. The BI tool further allows for custom report creation using virtually any of the fields available within the module. Reports can easily be extracted into PDF, CSV, Excel and various industry-standard formats based on user rights and permissions.

Users, Roles & Profiles:

  • Create users with specific role and profile-based permissions which controls data access (i.e. read, write, edit and delete) across ownership of data (own, team, hierarchical, product and location) ensuring maximum flexibility to suite organizational data access and restriction needs.


Deepsa HRMS Software

Deepsa , the best HRMS software in India, takes care of the most important asset of the organization – employees.

Deepsa HRMS enables you to easily manage the EPF contribution of employees based on the norms predefined by the Employees Provident Fund, India. System generates tax calculations based on the tax residency status of the employees. Easily download tax reports for all employees along with just a click!

Pay Day Is a Great Day for Everyone. We’ll make it Even Better

Deepsa HRMS addresses the entire spectrum of enterprise payroll requirements, thereby ensuring accurate, faster and more efficient payroll processing with relative configuration.

Drive Your Business with the Right Talent

Deepsa HRMS allows you to enhance your recruitment process by making it simple, transparent, intuitive and interactive. This is achieved by streamlining the entire hiring process.

Keep Your Best People Working for You

Deepsa HRMS allows you to align your workforce with organizational goals by tracking relevant milestones or key employee performance indicators throughout the year.

Spend Your Time Working, Not Tracking

Deepsa HRMS Timesheet Management monitors and generates timesheets for each employee, tracks regular working hours as well as overtime and time-off payments.

Do More for Less

Personnel Administration provides an integrated and centralized employee database. It provides the HR department with the ability to manage employee details and keep track of all employee activities.

All Things in One Place for Your People

The best HRMS software – Deepsa HRMS provides a host of personalized services via self-service employee dashboards. Employees can view information pertaining to them and manage their daily tasks from a single, secure, web-based platform.