Our Real Estate Management (REMS)



property Sales/Lease Management
Property Masters Management
Booking Process 
Registration Process 
Cancellation Process
Sales/Lease Renewal
Sales/Lease Cancellation, Increments, etc. 
Cheque /PDC Management
Order Cancellation/Sales Return
Payment Allocation
Payment Refund
Payment Reminder
General Invoicing
Follow Up Management 
Unit Price Bulk Updates
Fit Outs & Customization
Resale & Transfer

Our software understands your business effectively


  • Simple online real estate REMS Software for any level of real estate consultant
  • End to end real estate management
  • Comprehensive project management and booking process
  • 100% utilization of your lead to make your business effective
  • Lead Assignment or Distribution to your employee or group
  • Track all contacts and related opportunities, activities, and other details from a centralized, database
  • API integration to connect any 3rd party application.


Manual methods of lead tracking are prone to leakage resulting in loss of opportunity. And in real estate business sustained customer interaction and follow-up efforts are required to convert more leads,  close more deals and generate repeat business.

REMS system with solid lead and pipeline management process, integrated communication (email & call) tools, and intelligent analytics will help your team to stay on top of all  lead follow-ups and deals closure. Adoption of  REMS technology increases efficiency, accountability and productivity of your team. And your outstanding customer service results in happier customers, repeat business and referrals.

Prospect Management

Our Prospect Management would be helpful for the real estate people to get to know their prospects better and devise actions to convert them into enquiry.

Property Management

We are providing world class property management software. Our software is designed specifically for letting agents, real estate agents and organizations that manage properties.

Lead Management

Our Inquiry/Lead Management would be helpful for the real estate people to get to know their prospects better and devise actions to convert them into customers.

Booking Management

REMS can help you and manage a project using Project Management Module.Our Project management has been created to support the property booking.

Contact Management

Contact management and marketing fused together with intelligent advice that takes the guess work out of building your business so you can focus on what you love.

Transaction Management

Manage your daily transaction, payment, commission and other predefined payment structure makes sure that all the invoices are generated in time and accurately. Automatically reminders to buyers (e-mail & SMS).

Email & Social Media Marketing

Focus on building a relationship with your customers. Automate your email marketing with email newsletter workflows and autoresponders..

Website Development

Deepsa offer customized website for your internet presence. Launch and manage your own real estate websites with the latest features..

Our REMS let you keep all your property and data centralized to avoid any duplicate data entry and monitors your leads .

  • Connect with Social Media
  • Global Capturing System
  • Smart Search Facility
  • Create Lease Agreement
  • Connected with Owner
  • Upload Unlimited Property
  • Copy Similar Property
  • Smart Property Matching
  • Automatic Proposal System
  • No Pre-sales work
  • Issue Relationship Number
  • Team Protection
  • SMS notification to buyer
  • Download Enquiry Inspection report
  • Connect with THOUSAND of Realtors
  • Available instant notification
  • Opportunity to connect world-wide
  • High level project configuration
  • Publish your project on your website
  • Multi-Project supporting process
  • Instant booking and status
  • Organizes your contacts your way!
  • Contact based follow up
  • Strong customer relationship