vendor management software

The Better Way to Manage Suppliers and Vendors

Managing suppliers and vendors has never been easier!  web-based Vendor Management Software allows you to manage all stages including: initial registration, ongoing performance assessment, recording non-conformances, implementing corrective/preventative actions and tracking results.

Vendor Management System (VMS) helps organizations effectively and efficiently manage their entire non- employee workforce. When utilized as part of the Suite of  total workforce visibility can be achieved. contingent workforce management solution drives operational efficiencies, superior budget control, improved cost savings and ensures adherence to compliance requirements when managing contingent workers. VMS is a highly configurable, robust application, which helps minimize implementation costs often associated with extensive customization. Its intuitive interface allows for high user adoption across your organization ensuring that sourcing, procurement, and HR functions have the necessary insights into your non-employee workforce to drive efficiency, cost savings and compliance. The system’s built-in analytical tools and detailed report library, with over a hundred pre-defined reports, provides managers and executives with powerful strategic insights to help make more informed decisions.

Searchable Vendor Inventory

Register, categorize and search vendors by company name, vendor type, status, location, vendor number, performance rating and more.

Nonconformance Reporting

Record all vendor non-conformances and track, report and archive all nonconformance details including product ID, category, severity, description and more.

Corrective/Preventive Action Tracking

Launch corrective/preventive actions from non-conformances, automatically schedule and assign related activities and track their completion.

Vendor Performance Rating

Rate suppliers and vendors based on multiple criteria, generate reports and view performance dashboards to easily identify top performing and underachieving vendors.

Automated Email Task Alerts

Automatically trigger escalating email notifications to employees and vendors for pending and overdue vendor-related tasks to ensure task completion and compliance.

Root Cause Analysis Reporting

Identify and report on the contributing factors and root causes of vendor non-conformances to mitigate risk and future incidents.

Key Features •

Compliance Management – Audit and enforce vendor compliance of pre-negotiated rates and job-specific billing rates. •

Candidate Review and Selection – Review and rank candidates while ensuring proper worker classification and compliance.

  • Payment Management – Track and manage time sheets, expenses and invoices in a global format